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Our company deals with the sale of Shmoo milk drinks and the sale of Borowy Dworek syrups.   For our customers, we provide a complete service for the sale of our products.  Import of premium syrups on crushed ice. 


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It only takes 25 seconds o prepare our delicious drink.

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Shmoo milk shakes

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Shmoo milk shakes

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Fruit syrups

Borowy Dworek originated from a traditional family business. The syrups are made in the heart of the Tuchola Forest from fresh fruits and vegetables obtained from ecologically clean areas. The recipe was passed down from one generation to another. Now Borowy Dworek is available to everyone. We do not use preservatives and other chemical additives. Taste the traditional lemonade, which will win you over with its exceptional taste and unforgettable aroma. You will never get tired of the syrup. We have countless flavors on offer, so that everyone will find something for themselves. If you like the classics, flavors such as orange, lemon or blackcurrant will surely appeal to you. Do you like to experiment and don't like things taken? Then definitely try the wild rose, black cranesbill and our favorite quince.

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Tips for delicious drinks from Borowy Dworek syrup

Ice homemade lemonade

Add 4cl of syrup, a slice of lemon or orange to a glass with ice and pour 0.5l of slightly sparkling water.

Hot fruit lemonade

Use according to your taste 2 or 3cl of syrup in a glass for a warm drink and fill it with hot water, add a slice of orange or lemon and you will get a delicious fruit drink.


Ideal service in a jug, at various company events, trainings, banquets, etc.


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